The current healthcare model is fragmented and reactive instead of being proactive. This fragmentation leads to an inevitable:
• Lack of coordination of care and communication between physicians, case managers, payers, caregivers, and patients
• Incomplete medication administration records and poor patient medication adherence
• Insufficient patient/caregiver education with no proactive communication or data sharing
• Medication waste which creates higher health care costs
• Lack of adequate and timely clinical interventions
• Lack of automation and a nonexistent electronic health information exchange, aggregation, or integration system
• Poor medication compliance and adherence
• No dispensing or fulfillment data for physicians
• No centralized dispensing of prescriptions
• Communication disconnect amongst all of the different physicians of the patient

Our goal is to develop population health management pharmacy services that will:
• Offer a unique and comprehensive healthcare model focusing on population health management pharmacy services to improve medication compliance
• Improve health outcomes and reduce health care costs through the creation of a fully integrated clinical pharmacy program using population health management software
• Decrease interruptions of medication therapy utilizing aletheia Healthcare Pharmacy locations to ensure the necessary product is available
• Provide timely delivery of medications to the patients
• Increase generic dispensing
• Eliminate care gaps within current operating systems

We will improve your patient quality of life by introducing innovative clinical solutions to help continuoulsy monitor the health metrics and immediately intervene when any medical condition necessitate such intervention.