About Us

Althea Health Management was created in 2013 to support physicians monitor their patients and improve on all 33 metrics that Accountable Care Organizations are required to monitor by CMS in order to promote better health.
Originally we focused as pharmacists on the lack or coordination between pharmacists, physicians and the rest of the care team. That lack of coordintion related to medication errors is still responsible for 70% of all hospital readmission.

  • Currently over 20% of all hospital admissions are readmitted within 30 days
  • Over 34% of all hospital admissions are readmitted within 90 days
  • Over 75% of all hospitals are being fined a total of 3% of their yearly medicare income because of the readmissions rate
  • As technology is evolving, so is our capabilities of keeping the patients clinical monitored in the convenience of their own homes.
    Our clinical staff of pharmacists, registered nurses, diabetes educators, and medical assistants are trained to utilize our state of the art technology to monitor patients. Medical professionals educate patients about their chronic conditions and communicate their findings to all care givers. This innovative system connects all health care providers under one platform.
    The comprehensive services that we offer are fully customizable to the need and the size of the health care systems, the physician organizations, the hospitals, or the physicians offices that we partner with.

    For any questions or to request additional information, please Contact us.